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Play Lotto To Win $12 Million And $30,000 In Bonus Cash Prizes |

The Sun Herald

Saturday October 17, 1992

TO celebrate Lotto's 13th anniversary, Lotto and The Sun-Herald are giving you a chance to win $30,000 in bonus cash prizes as well as the $12 million in Lotto's Anniversary Superdraw Week.

Fill out the entry coupon on Page 38 for your chance to win $10,000.

There'll be $10,000 up for grabs for the next two weeks during the countdown to Lotto's exciting Anniversary Superdraw Week.

Fill out the coupon, take it to your Lotto agent and, on purchase of a Lotto entry, your coupon will be deposited by the agent into a barrel.

This week's winner will be announced during the Thursday Lotto Draw on Channel Nine and in The Sun-Herald next Sunday.

Remember, entries in Lotto's $12 million Anniversary Superdraw Week go on sale on Tuesday, October 27.

By marking both "A" and "B" on your Lotto entry, you will be eligible to enter both the Thursday and Monday draws for the chance to win $12 million.

Lotto's Anniversary Week begins on Thursday, October 29, with a $1 million First Division prize, followed by a massive $11 million First Division on Monday, November 2.

Another $1 million First Division prize pool will be offered on the following Thursday, November 5.

Imagine winning a $12 million ticket to freedom |

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